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    5 Important Tips for Preventing a Fire in Your Home

    It’s a concern for many homeowners, but how do you prevent a fire in your home? Here are some important tips here today! Use a Smoke Alarm (and Check It!)  Although it sounds simple, a surprising number of homes still don’t have a working smoke alarm. According to some statistics, it’s as many as one in ten households that choose to forgo a smoke alarm. Smoke is a byproduct of fire, and an effective alarm will sound whenever smoke is in the air. While a smoke alarm doesn’t necessarily prevent a fire, it can prevent a fire from destroying your whole home.  Maintain Appliances Next, consider getting your appliances checked…

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    HVAC Maintenance and Repair Tips

    As we all know by now, maintenance is the key to success with any HVAC system. The longer the system is left with no maintenance, the more likely it is to experience serious problems. And who wants to go through a heatwave with no air conditioning? Or a cold spell in winter with no heating? However, understanding the importance of HVAC maintenance and actually doing it are very different. With this, we’ve compiled some advice below!  Take a Proactive Approach  Firstly, well done for reading this guide; it shows a proactive attitude. As we’ve already said, maintenance and repair will always be better than waiting for something to go wrong.…

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    Vaulted Ceilings vs Traditional Ceilings – Why Vaulted is Better

    When building a custom home, or even renovating an existing one, there are lots of decisions to make. What material do you choose for the kitchen counter? How do you design the home so that it suits your needs? What lighting do you want? For the most part, it’s best to work with an experienced custom home builder like Frank R Jenkins Custom Homes. Today, this guide will attempt to help with just one of the decisions you face – whether to choose traditional or vaulted ceilings.  What’s a Vaulted Ceiling?  Often compared to cathedral ceilings, this is a great starting point because vaulted ceilings do offer space and elegance.…

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    Why Rain Gutters Can Protect Your Property

    Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been living in your own home for many years, you may not know or understand the role that rain gutters play. For some, they will be wondering why they need to go through the hassle of cleaning and maintaining gutters in the first place. Do you need them? Can you remove this thankless task? In a word, no. Here’s why rain gutters are so important! Safe Pathway for Rain When not funneled away, rain will scatter right around the outside of the property. Suddenly, your driveway is flooding and has puddles, the garden beds are soaked through and your plants suffer, and there’s…

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    Granite Countertops in Your Home

    Everyone adores and fancies a classy and beautiful kitchen with excellent countertops, cabinets, etc. in it. However, every professional recommends granite countertops. Granite is one of the long-lasting and most durable materials that is used to make kitchen countertops because they last for a long time. Granite stone is not only used to make kitchen shelves but also floors, facades, and of course, kitchen countertops. One of the most significant home improvements that can be made is upgrading the kitchen countertops. Granite surfaces not only make your kitchen look beautiful, but also increases its worth in the market. Using the natural granite to build the countertops will leave a long-lasting…

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