Vaulted Ceilings vs Traditional Ceilings – Why Vaulted is Better

When building a custom home, or even renovating an existing one, there are lots of decisions to make. What material do you choose for the kitchen counter? How do you design the home so that it suits your needs? What lighting do you want? For the most part, it’s best to work with an experienced custom home builder like Frank R Jenkins Custom Homes.

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Today, this guide will attempt to help with just one of the decisions you face – whether to choose traditional or vaulted ceilings. 

What’s a Vaulted Ceiling? 

Often compared to cathedral ceilings, this is a great starting point because vaulted ceilings do offer space and elegance. Although many vaulted ceilings are arched, this isn’t true of all designs. As long as the ceiling is raised with at least eight feet of space, this could be considered a vaulted ceiling. With so many different designs, it’s often the space that differentiates this type of ceiling from a standard type. 

As time goes on, more and more home builders are choosing a vaulted ceiling over a traditional ceiling, but why is this the case?

Benefits of Choosing a Vaulted Ceiling

1. Character with Beams 

Since the introduction of ceiling beams, they’ve never really gone out of style. Even when there was a threat of the design feature disappearing, they soon made a comeback. When you have vaulted ceilings, you expose beams and add character to the home. With beams on show, they become a part of the home and it has a rustic charm. 

2. Positive Ambiance 

With a vaulted ceiling, many homeowners walk in and just feel a positive ambiance. You see the high central point, the sloping roof, and it gives off a feeling of a ski lodge or a holiday home by the sea. Especially when you start to add large windows, you can brighten each room and get closer to nature. If you have spectacular views outside the window, you almost bring them closer with large windows and really make the most of your superb location. 

3. More Natural Light 

We just touched on it, but another advantage is the opportunity to bring natural light inside. Not only does this boost the appearance of a given room, but it can also help homeowners to save money because you aren’t as reliant on artificial light. Additionally, those with mental health concerns can also benefit from more natural light in the home. 

4. Open Space 

When the ceiling is raised, your home should immediately feel bigger. Even though you probably won’t utilize this extra space, because it’s overhead, your reception room or lounge area will feel more spacious. With traditional ceilings, sometimes the lower ceiling can make a room feel cramped. 

5. Hot Air Escape 

As we all know, hot air rises. With this, hot air should climb to the ceiling and you have a more comfortable temperature underneath. Especially in searing temperatures, the hottest part of the room is normally in the vaulted ceiling, and this means you aren’t struggling with the heat down below. 

6. Make Use of Attic Space 

For most people, an attic is considered dead space because it’s never really used for anything worthwhile. With a vaulted ceiling, you can improve the appearance and enjoy more natural light while not having to sacrifice any important space. 

7. Environmental Benefits 

Finally, choosing vaulted ceilings could be seen as a ‘green’ decision. As you save energy, you help the planet (as well as your pockets!). 

For all these reasons, it’s widely believed that vaulted ceilings are better than more traditional options! 

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