Why Rain Gutters Can Protect Your Property

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been living in your own home for many years, you may not know or understand the role that rain gutters play. For some, they will be wondering why they need to go through the hassle of cleaning and maintaining gutters in the first place. Do you need them? Can you remove this thankless task? In a word, no.

Rain Gutter Phoenix

Here’s why rain gutters are so important!

Safe Pathway for Rain

When not funneled away, rain will scatter right around the outside of the property. Suddenly, your driveway is flooding and has puddles, the garden beds are soaked through and your plants suffer, and there’s water everywhere. There are several reasons why this is a problem:

  • It ruins the aesthetics of the home 
  • Your plants, flowers, and bushes drown 
  • Water freezes and makes the entire perimeter a hazard for everyone

With gutters installed, the rainwater can be carried away to a safe place to prevent these problems. Now, it goes into the downspouts and as far away from the house as possible. In the past, plenty of people have tried to live without gutters only to experience gravel and soil erosion.

Prevent a Wet Basement

When you don’t have gutters and it rains a couple of times, you might think you’ve cheated the system when not much happens. However, the water pressure will eventually cause gaps in the ground against the home. Soon enough, water gets into the basement and you have an expensive problem (one that could have been prevented with guttering).

Sadly, water damage in the basement has the potential to cause mold, damaged possessions, and there’s also a risk of the water getting into the electrics – a problem that will quickly affect the whole property.

Protect the Siding

If you’ve just installed new siding, this is even more reason to check your guttering and ensure that it will carry rainwater away from your property. Regardless of whether you have vinyl or cement siding, the quality and material means nothing when it’s constantly bombarded with rainwater. Although there are some materials that provide more durability than others, you could remove the risk completely with guttering.

Water can soak into and stain anything that stands in its way; it will work its way into cracks and cause all sorts of problems that you probably haven’t even imagined. Why risk the health of your property when a simple rain gutter will prevent all of these headaches (and costs!)?

Prevent Roof Damage

As the fourth way rain gutters protect your property, we’ve got one for those who have rain gutters but don’t take the time to keep them clear. When debris builds, rainwater can’t flow freely, and this can lead to a buildup of water underneath the roof. Over time, this will damage the material on the roof and potentially lead to leaks too.

Choose Guttering That Adds Character

If you don’t currently have guttering because you’re worried about appearance, know that you can now choose rain gutters that match the style and character of your home. Rather than bright white and standing out, you can choose the same color as your roof, camouflage, or whatever other design you desire.

With vinyl gutters, you will have lots of choice with regards to colors and design. On the other hand, you get a classy and elegant appearance with copper gutters. Why not get guttering that looks great while also protecting your property today?

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